Mission and Philosophy


BASE by Pros understands the importance sports have on the development of young men and women. Looking at the reasons why kids move away from athletics, it is typically associated with cost, connection to the next level, and difficulty to access high quality information. BASE By Pros is bridging the gap that has been created over time, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed in sports.

We at BASE By Pros are constantly reaching out to professional athletes, professional scouts, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches, to give information and attention toward developing athletes. The founders of BASE By Pros LLC know the value of hard work and the importance of giving back to others; this drives us to take care of those we come in contact with.

Our BASE By Pros site will be a direct reflection of us by being professional and providing quality information to our members. It is extremely important to leave a lasting impression with our members because each member will directly change their own families and communities. By pouring out our knowledge and compassion to our members daily, BASE By Pros will reach student athletes on a global level.

Our Mission Is To:

  • Educate athletes about sports and sportsmanship
  • Eliminate barriers that prevent young athletes from playing sports
  • Teach athletes the value of hard work on and off the playing field
  • Increase the number of individuals who participate in sports
  • Provide direction to athletes to get them to the highest level of competition as possible
  • Build a connection between professional athletes and upcoming athletes


"My inspiration comes from overcoming many obstacles since I was a child. Life always stacked up against me, but from determination and the encouragement of my family, God, friends, and coaches, I pressed through the barriers trying to slow me down. I always felt a bit behind because other kids were able to attend camps and private lessons, but that wasn't available to me because of cost. Learning took time and creativity on my part. Therefore, it is a passion of mine to make all information, drills, and personalized instruction, more accessible and affordable for everyone else. It is my goal to reach out to the large number of athletes that do not have the finances to attend the expensive camps and individual instructional lessons.

I promise to work hard toward making changes in athletics across the country. Almost every kid plays little league baseball, but after that, two thirds of those same kids give the game up. It's important to me to build easy access and equal opportunity for everyone to learn about and play the game of baseball. Anything we do in life or with BASE By Pros must be done with a backbone of ethics and respect. Athletics provide a positive atmosphere for individuals to mature and to enjoy competition, so it is imperative for us to push our youth in the right direction."

Mitch Canham
Oregon | 2012