Brent and Mitch are the only two in the area that I trust to work with my boys, and I refer them to the players on my teams, and to any of my friends that have children that are looking for instructor.

Steve Van Rensum | View Testimonial »

I have known Mitch Canham for the last 10 years. He is one of the finest men of character I have been associated with in my time as both a baseball player and coach.

Pat Casey | View Testimonial »

When I come across an athlete who is hoping to extend their baseball career beyond high school, I always recommend Base By Pros.

Will Tucker | View Testimonial »

For me, Base By Pros is not just a guide for you, it is a family that will give you advise and push you to fight for a better future.

Jaime Osuna | View Testimonial »

I wanted to show my appreciation for what you've done for me. Unreal to see the schools that are contacting me and I can't say thank you enough.

Luke Horanski | View Testimonial »

Mitch is definitely one of my all time favorite guys I have played with.

Heath Bell | View Testimonial »

I would recommend any young athlete that wants to be successful to listen to what Mitch has to say.

Kyle DeVan | View Testimonial »

I, as a major league scout, am excited about using the BASE By Pros website to look for talent all across the country!

Ryan Fox | View Testimonial »

Mitch has always been ahead of the curve, from the day I met him I knew he was bound for making the game better and he has done that for sure.

Yancy Ayres | View Testimonial »

Mitch is one of the most inspiring people I have ever worked with.

Roger Anderson | View Testimonial »

Mitch is a special young man who makes those around him better and became the model of what you want your student athletes to be.

Todd Stansbury | View Testimonial »

I urge you to apply what Mitch has to teach you in your life, as you will see positive results in no time.

Michael Hodgins | View Testimonial »

Mitch is one of the few athletes whose presence helps make everyone around him better.

Dan Morrison | View Testimonial »

I think BASE By Pros is really beneficial to athletes because they can learn from the guys they look up to.

Taylor Parks | View Testimonial »

Receiving this constructive feedback helped me improve my mechanics and become a better baseball player.

Matt DelFante | View Testimonial »