What We Do

BASE By Pros consists of professionals who are dedicated to helping young student athletes achieve their maximum potential. We aim to support others through our mentorship program by creating vision and goals for anyone interested. We are a passionate team that works extremely hard to put personalized instruction, extensive drills, informative articles, and recruiting tools all in one place for anyone interested. We are proud to offer all of this while making it affordable for young athletes.

If you are looking to get hands on instruction, be sure to check out our BASE By Pros Academy and staff members. The Academy website also provides connections for low-priced camps and motivational speaking opportunities from Pros who are associated with our site.

BASE By Pros offers endless amounts of information from professional minds. We strongly believe by providing young athletes with insights from prevalent professionals, we will be able to strengthen interest and excitement for all sports. baseball_neon.pngIt is our belief that athletics teach individuals valuable life lessons, and by building this site, we are doing our best to create a positive learning environment.

One of our many exciting features is that we can provide personalized professional instruction to athletes who upload videos. Most private lessons from professionals cost around $100 per hour, but our members can upload a video to be analyzed for less than $10! We believe instruction should be accessible for all athletes.

The primary attraction of BASE By Pros is our Mentor Program. We offer student athletes and their families an opportunity to connect in person or via video chat to discuss on the field, in the classroom, and character development. 
Check out our Instructional Video Library! It has a vast range of instructional drills. All of the drills are demonstrated by professionals and highlight the skills they perform daily on the field.
BASE By Pros also features in-depth, heartfelt, and educational articles written by professional athletes, college coaches, professional scouts, professional umpires, and certified strength coaches and athletic trainers. These articles are a great resource and encourage athletes to learn directly from the individuals they look up to. 

Another great thing we do is providing an easier way to help athletes get to the professional or collegiate level. When an athlete signs up with the BASE By Pros website, they will have the ability to make their own profile page that showcases their talents. College Coaches and Professional Scouts will be able to see the athlete's interests, academics, athletic awards and accomplishments, community service, summer league teams, and statistics. They will also be able to see an athlete's physical build and skills via videos uploaded from the athletes themselves. We have built this function according to feedback from scouts and coaches in order to optimize use of basebypros.com and better help athletes get seen.

The information contained on our website is geared toward athletes of all ages. Even though the material is from professionals, it is explained in a fashion that can be understood. We look forward to connecting you with resources that will propel you to the top of your game!

Steps to Success

  1. Sign-Up!graduate.png
  2. Create A Profile
  3. Schedule Meeting With A Mentor
  4. Watch And Practice Instructional Videos
  5. Upload Your Own Videos (Offense, Defense, Running)
  6. Read Reviews From Pros
  7. Ask Questions And Interact On The Forum.

Loving the game of baseball is a great thing, but you must also become a student of the game. Taking the time to learn a little more about the game everyday will better your chances of achieving your goals. It doesn't matter where you are, if the weather isn't good, or if you don't have someone to practice with, there is always a way to get better on your own. If you truly want to be the best you can be you have to eliminate all excuses, push yourself, and commit to excellence. Don't just do it, do it well!